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    I’m getting published!!!!!

    Work today was a grueling pain in the ass. I work HVAC in Dallas and temperatures today got up to 105. Pretty sure I came close to having a heat stroke, but then again, that’s almost every day. After the 9-hour shift was done, I said bye to my boss, got in my car, and began driving to home sweet home. I put my headphones in, enjoyed some music, and watched the sunset as I drove. Then a notification on my phone cut off my tunes and interrupted my trance. Who the hell? How dare they. Don’t they know I’m in that I-barely-survived-today state and am teetering on the edge of homicidal maniac?  I…

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    Entries of the Heart Pt 2

    him. Journal entry 2: Dear Diary, For the first time in three years, my day has been struck by change. Every morning, I’m awoken by my alarm at 6:45 am. I then shower, brush my teeth, and eat a bowl of whole grain cereal while watching The Today Show before sitting down to write. This morning was different. Today, I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm, and though I lost sleep, I felt wide awake. For a moment, I wondered why. Then I remembered. When I did, I bolted upright into a world of suspense. “I’m supposed to meet that girl. In less than two hours. Shit.” I shot…

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    Short story: Shadow Lake Pt. 2

    “Lainey? We playing hide and seek?” He peered into the dark past the towering trees, and sometimes back at the lake. “Well, if so, then I give up.” There was a brittleness to his playful tone. “Okay? Babe, you can come out now… Lainey?” Nathan turned in search until he was spinning in circles and entangling himself in his anxious thoughts. He put both hands on his head—as if to try and keep it on his shoulders. “This doesn’t make any sense,” he whispered to himself. “Think. Just think.” Thinking Lainey could’ve gone back to the tent, Nathan headed that way. Until he heard a sound—one that grabbed him and…

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    Short mystery story: Shadow Lake Pt. 1

    On the surface, Nathan Grey looked like calm waters—clean, crisp, gentle—, but below the surface, there were monstrous things that lurked. LED headlights from his SUV beamed through the night air and across the desolate highway as he drove. Hanging from his rearview mirror was a wooden cross necklace and a photo of his mother; a photo of her before the medicines had robbed her of that blushing smile. A photo of her from when she was still around for the smile to even exist. Flickering memories would cause Nathan’s eyes to gravitate back toward that rearview mirror minute after minute, hour after hour, making the road trip seem endless.…

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    Flash Fiction: Learning to Fly

    Learning to Fly Dressed in a black suit and black loafers, Sebastian Keller sat alone on a wooden bench at the end of a hiking trail in The Great Smoky Mountains, watching birds fly as the sun set. Sebastian had always wanted to fly like the birds. He always swore that one day, it’d happen. Ever since he was a young boy and his grandmother would take him birdwatching on the trails throughout The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, he felt destined to one day sprout wings and soar the vast skies. One of his favorite mountains to hike with Grandma was called Mt. LeConte. The mountain stood at 5,300…

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    Review of my debut novel, The Author, by book reviewer Cristian Mihai📚😍🎃

    The Author goes live on Amazon Thursday, October 25th. In the meantime, I hope you’ll read Cristian’s review. If you’d also like to write a review, please do let me know! 🙂 By the way, sorry James Cudney for stealing your pic for this featured image ;P How far would you go to rebuild the life you let break? Forensics expert Troy Graves has helped solve a lot of crimes, but he can’t seem to put back together the pieces of his own life. After years of chasing a serial killer known as “The Portrait Killer”—TPK—through the streets of Laguna Niguel, Troy […] via Book Review: The Author by Jordan Antonacci…

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    Flash Fiction: One More Step

    It was like the air around gave in and the entire weight of the world fell upon her brittle self. She felt the tremors of earthquakes, the batter of bombs, and saw the spin of a twister. Shaking knees upon which she stood begged for relief, but got none.