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    Red was the Night #Poetry

    She cut me cut me like diamonds She strung me strung me through a gold chain And around her neck she wore me night and day All night and day Night to day My heart shattered and sent thunder through the night Every tear that I cried rained into the sky Every drop of my blood from every scratch, from every cut ran into a flood and fell up above The skies roared with pain as the red swallowed up the stars Lightning shot through my veins and drowned the man in the moon Just like that there was no more light Suddenly red was the night In this sky…

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    Poem: Highs & Lows

      Highs & Lows One second I say Hi The next I wanna go Then I go from Goodbye to Don’t ever let me go I listen to my angel I always hear the Devil so I know what’s right every time I do wrong One season I love you but seasons change Maybe I just wanna fuck you Fuck you and have a nice day With you I’m fulfilled like a glass half empty Like my heart just spilled With you I’m just empty It’s a constant tug o’ war Heave and hell in my mind But I’m deaf from the battle horns All I want is sunshine I…

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    Poem: Does She Know?

    I’m a whisper in the wind a trickle in the sea Something that could’ve been a long forgotten dream I’m a blank name tag To you, another face For me, you’re what I’ll never have Something I’ll never taste You pass by me everyday and never even glance my way In my head, a whirlwind of all the things I could say And there’s a pain that I can’t quite finger When you leave but the scent of you still lingers Maybe I’m not cute enough to warrant from you any type of love But I see you A subtle beauty from afar from all the way down here, it’s…

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    Poem: A Place to Cry

    I don’t know why I don’t know why But with the storm winds high I need a place to hide This place inside The four walls of my mind I’ve been evicted into the night And I need a place to hide With these demons of mine We like to dance and then dine But the scenes go awry Time after time Another crossed line A body and a knife Wanted for a crime I think it’s time to hide Nothing is fine Nothing is fine And I can’t seem to find A safe place to hide A roar in the sky Downpour as angels cry I try and I…

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    Poem: Words like Weapons

    An assault rifle loaded with words holds the potential for murder Lines and rhymes like live rounds fire at life without a single sound With a single sentence one can teach love or place a period and simply end it Just one stanza can compel an army like a puppeteer and forces otherworldly With the bare bones of one paragraph one can learn that stones aren’t so bad And with this trigger finger I wield this pen to put my brains upon this blank page again An assault rifle loaded with words allows the writer to finally be heard Hey! Goodmorning/night/afternoon (depending on where you are)! As I mentioned in…

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    Poem: Things I Love

    I’m in love with swaying trees bare, jagged branches and transcended dreams A whistling breeze that sends leaves dancing I’m in love with a cup of coffee on the balcony in the early morning when the whole city is asleep I’m in love with an empty notepad a full desk a pen loaded with sunshine and whirlwinds I also love family time to spend with my brothers in the sun Me and my cousin for a swim But there’s another side Another side to me One which I hide that bathes in the unclean A side that loves dark finds right in wrong turns wickedness into art and screams into song…

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    Poem: Everything and Nothing

    I’m a sun that’s burnt out A star that’s become a black hole I’m a hero and the villain of the same movie I’m an ocean that nothing wants to swim in A sky nothing wants to fly in I’m hurt without gain Love without pain I’m a heart with no beat A phone with no ring A voice that can’t speak Flesh that won’t bleed Lips that don’t know how to kiss A life that doesn’t know how to live I am everything I am nothing Happy Saturday, everyone! Enjoy your weekend 🙂 -Jordan Antonacci Twitter: @misterhushhush I’m getting published!!!!!

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    Poem: The Heart of this Pen

    It’s flooding deep This emotion Deeper than The trenches of an ocean The sky The Grand Canyon Sun and moonlight All contained Within this pen I’ve drained my heart With memories like shards And the blood I bleed Is turned to ink Now everything All that I see Is turned to red And shed here for you to read The heart of this pen It is where I live Even after I’ve written The words, The End I give it life As i write And in return It saves mine Thanks for reading! Oh, and happy hump day; you’re already halfway there 😉 Jordan Antonacci Twitter: @misterhushhush P.S. As I’m…

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    I’m getting published!!!!!

    Work today was a grueling pain in the ass. I work HVAC in Dallas and temperatures today got up to 105. Pretty sure I came close to having a heat stroke, but then again, that’s almost every day. After the 9-hour shift was done, I said bye to my boss, got in my car, and began driving to home sweet home. I put my headphones in, enjoyed some music, and watched the sunset as I drove. Then a notification on my phone cut off my tunes and interrupted my trance. Who the hell? How dare they. Don’t they know I’m in that I-barely-survived-today state and am teetering on the edge of homicidal maniac?  I…

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    Poem: This Need

    Like all the blood rushing like a stream this need it runs deep Starving for it always Even when I just ate Stomach growls like thunder as my pillars of sanity crumble I can’t say no I don’t want to say no It tells me that I’m free despite the chains around my wrists and feet It says if I want to I can leave And these words I believe I believe The Devil on my shoulder The shadow in the dark The chill when it gets colder The break of a heart This need comes calling like a howling through the trees or a siren that can empty a…