Poem: What Doesn’t Kill You…

“If what doesn’t kill us really made us stronger, then why am I broken?”

-Luckman Khan

What doesn’t Kill us…

Makes us stronger
Makes us wiser
Teaches us to go farther
Makes us fighters

What doesn’t kill us…

Makes us stranger
Makes us something unique
Turns us into strangers
…a torn masterpiece…

Leaves us with a hunger
an emptiness inside
roaring like thunder
A starless sky

Makes us trust less
Leaves us scarred galore
Makes us numb, and
shatters who we are

Like glass mirrors

What doesn’t kill us…

Leaves us alone and cold
without a road to roam
no place to call home
like a silent phone

Leaves us numb
like an icy touch
forever in search
of how to love

Leaves us wishing we’d died
Faces up at the sky
begging the question,

What doesn’t kill us…

Makes us stronger
like standing in Hell
But what doesn’t kill us
turns us in
to somebody else

“Well, you look like yourself
but you’re somebody else, only it ain’t on the surface
Well, you talk like yourself
No, I hear someone else, now you’re making me nervous”

-Flora Cash, You’re Somebody Else

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-Jordan Antonacci


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I hope everyone will take a moment to listen to the song below, and hear its meaning. Take care 🙂

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