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Poem: Highs & Lows


Highs & Lows

One second I say Hi
The next I wanna go
Then I go from Goodbye
to Don’t ever let me go

I listen to my angel
I always hear the Devil
so I know what’s right
every time I do wrong

One season I love you
but seasons change
Maybe I just wanna fuck you
Fuck you and have a nice day

With you I’m fulfilled
like a glass half empty
Like my heart just spilled
With you I’m just empty

It’s a constant tug o’ war
Heave and hell in my mind
But I’m deaf from the battle horns
All I want is sunshine

I love living on the edge
but right now I’m on the edge
6 stories up
6 feet till I’m dead

But I’m doing all right
Yeah I’m doing fine
Like a flicker in a light
I break but still shine

Thanks for reading.

-Jordan Antonacci

Residing in Dallas, Jordan Antonacci is a self-published author and blogger. His fiction is being published by Z House Publishing in September, and his mystery novel, "The Killed Conscience," can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.

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