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Poem: Words like Weapons

An assault rifle
loaded with words
holds the potential
for murder

Lines and rhymes
like live rounds
fire at life
without a single sound

With a single sentence
one can teach love
or place a period
and simply end it

Just one stanza
can compel an army
like a puppeteer
and forces otherworldly

With the bare bones
of one paragraph
one can learn that stones
aren’t so bad

And with this trigger finger
I wield this pen
to put my brains
upon this blank page again

An assault rifle
loaded with words
allows the writer
to finally be heard

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Jordan Antonacci
Twitter: @misterhushhush

Photography: 2018 Jordan Antonacci

Residing in Dallas, Jordan Antonacci is a self-published author and blogger. His fiction is being published by Z House Publishing in September, and his mystery novel, "The Killed Conscience," can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.

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