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“Take me back to the basics and the simple life. Tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease.”
-Troye Sivan, Ease

A soft breeze blows the most delicate of scents my way, and for the brief second that it passes, I’m thrown years into the past to a scene so vivid it’s like I almost believe I’m back in Knoxville, Tennessee, waking up on the deflating blowup mattress on the living room floor and finding Grandma drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette by the cracked front door, watching the Summer’s sun rise. She looks at me and smiles. Then the scent is gone, and so too is the memory. So too is she.

A pic of the sunrise from the exact spot where she’d watch it <3

“I think of you every time I get a whiff of that cigarette smell, yeah. Welcome to the bottom of hell; they say pain is a prison–let me out of my cell.”
-NF, How Could You Leave Us

I Miss…

My first kiss with her in the park
The collide and shatter of two hearts
The way she made me let down my guard
How she let me up while I slept in the dark

My mother waking us up for school
Cartoons already on the TV
Class time when I’d doodle
Lunchtime when Mom would come see me

Caprisuns in the sun
Football and the smell of fresh cut grass when I’d run
Back when life was only about having fun
Back when I could grow up to become anyone

Hey Arnold and Rugrats
Arnold Palmer and overstuffed backpacks
Gummybears and piggybacks
When I had the real moment and not just flashbacks

I miss it all and pretty soon I’ll miss this
When it’s gone in the wind, just like the scent
So I guess until the end, all I can do is reminisce
And long for those days, when we were innocent little kids


Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your own nostalgic memories. What makes you feel at Ease? 🙂




Residing in Dallas, Jordan Antonacci is a self-published author and blogger. His fiction is being published by Z House Publishing in September, and his mystery novel, "The Killed Conscience," can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.


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